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Katsia Kaya

Voice artist
Teacher and Mentor
Somatic Singing Techniques

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I specialize in working with adults and teenagers who are:

  • Pursuing vocal self-actualization.

  • Integrating voice into their artistic practices.

  • Interested in the practical aspects of music.

  • Using voice for personal and creative expression.

  • Enhancing performance skills through vocal techniques.

  • Combining voice with performance art or theater.

  • Exploring the therapeutic benefits of vocal training.

  • Learning about the science behind voice production.

  • Developing confidence and stage presence.



I customize each lesson to individual needs, using proven techniques like CVT, EVT,  The Phonopedic method and logopedy to ensure safe and effective vocal development.

My approach prioritizes personal comfort and self-expression, creating a supportive environment where students can explore and progress at their own pace.



Each 60-minute session is crafted into four focused blocks:

  1. Warm-Up: We start with soft tuning to relax and prepare the body.

  2. Breathing: Focus on enhancing vocal control through breathing exercises.

  3. Voice Development: Work on voice technique, style, and coordination.

  4. Application: Apply skills to music or text, integrating what we've learned.

This efficient structure ensures you gain tangible skills in every session, helping you progress consistently towards vocal mastery.

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Berlin, Germany

Take care!


Thank you! I'm still scared, but I'm learning to find myself in the present and build on the now, without being weighed down by the mistakes of the past. I’m surprised every time - how is this possible? Suddenly something turns out that didn’t go well at all?
I adore this quality of yours, first of all, not as a teacher, but as a Guide, so we went along this path - yeah - a dead end, no problem - rose into the air, jumped over, went down to the bottom (pelvic) and now - a voice-river flows! Voice is like one of the abilities to be manifested. Thanks for the safety!

Photo credits - Aleksandra Kononchenko

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