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Katsia Kaya


Despite holding two advanced degrees in choir conducting and solo singing from top conservatories, I found that traditional training alone didn't answer all my questions. Now, I integrate scientific and anatomically-based vocal methods such as The Phonopedic method, logopedy, CVT, and EVT with holistic bodily and somatic practices, including Feldenkrais, Pilates, and the Franklin Method. This combination allows me to explore and teach voice in a way that is both technically sound and deeply connected to the body's natural movement.

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My story

My life's story is a reflection of my voice's evolution, shaped by joy, creativity, and profound challenges. Early in my career, rigid training standards nearly silenced my voice, leading to months of voicelessness. Recovery through modern dance, somatics, and psychotherapy not only restored my voice but transformed my artistic expression.

My activism intensified following the contentious 2020 presidential election in Belarus. As a resilience and well-being practitioner, I engaged deeply with the protest movements, supporting political prisoners, journalists, activists, and the LGBTQ+ community. I developed techniques that use singing and improvisation to enhance the mind-body-voice connection, helping individuals reduce stress and find their inner strength.

Now based in Berlin, I continue to evolve, rediscovering and redefining my artistic voice while empowering others to navigate and overcome adversity. My work fosters healing, growth, and self-discovery, impacting lives and promoting greater harmony and balance.



With over six years of dedicated experience, I have enriched the lives of more than 250 students through personalized coaching, as well as numerous group sessions, seminars, and masterclasses across countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Georgia. My commitment extends online where I've developed various courses, group sessions, and webinars designed to enhance vocal skills and personal well-being.

As a key member of the artistic collective DoLess, I specialize in supporting vulnerable groups such as activists, human rights defenders, and individuals recovering from violence and PTSD. My workshops incorporate an integrated approach that blends diverse tools, original methods, and innovative techniques to foster resilience and promote healing.

Highlighted Achievements and Contributions:

  • Academy of Dance and Theatre, Amsterdam: Advised Valeria Le's thesis project, creating a unique soundscape and providing expert vocal coaching.

  • NOWY TEATR, Warsaw: Vocal coach for actors in the critically acclaimed play "1.8M," directed by Ivan Vyrypaev.

  • International Voice Festival, Georgia: Led the "Anatomy as Costume" workshop, merging artistic expression with vocal technique in masterclasses that drew international acclaim.

  • Human Rights Platform, Dublin, Ireland: Delivered a transformative performance lecture on "Singing and Wellbeing," using vocal arts as a tool for self-regulation and empowerment during intensive training sessions.

  • Workshop and concert for the GOLOS + .International movement of parents and loved ones for the rights of LGBT+ people.

Through my workshops, I aim to empower participants to find their voice, achieve vocal freedom, and embrace their inner strength. Join me to explore the transformative power of voice and well-being in an artistic setting, and unlock your potential for personal and professional growth.

I am in touch

I'm always looking for new interesting projects.

+49 15203384257


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